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15 Jan 2024 um 13:33 sehr leckeres Essen!
27 Dez 2023 um 23:24 sehr gutes essen aber über 2 stunde lieferzeit
27 Okt 2023 um 20:08 Clear recommendation!! Super tasty food with good portion and reasonable price with rice included! Much much better than any other “hip” asian restaurants such as Wes**y’s… order early before they close receiving delivery orders!
14 Okt 2023 um 12:08 Super feines Essen. und pünktlich geliefert. Super heiss bei Lieferung.
1 Okt 2023 um 21:14 Did not receive all the food I ordered or paid for. Appetizers and one main course did not arrive
23 Sep 2023 um 2:22 Sehr feines essen und schnelle Lieferung
28 Jun 2023 um 18:44 The food was here but the delivery took longer than stated.
27 Jun 2023 um 14:10 Alles Top wie immer